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Ответы на часто задаваемые вопросы
Please explain about Auto-tuning function.
I am going to write the program commands using PMC-2HSP-USB. Please let me know what each command means.
I would like to use Zero point excitation output signal of KR-55MC. Please me know exactly what Zero point excitation output signal is.
What is the difference between AC stepper motor driver and Dc stepper motor driver when I organize the operation system with the stepper motor?

Please let me know who to wire the input in the following conditions.
Model: MD5-HF14
Input voltage level of CW+ and CCW+ : High 4~8 VDC
PLC output : NPN open collector
Power: 24VDC


What is the function of HOLD OFF terminal of Stepper motor driver?
When using the stepper motor, the pull out sometimes happens. Please let me know when the pull out happens and how to take action of it.
Please let me know how to wire the 2 phase stepper motor to the driver.

Condition - 1. Load weight : 6Kg, .2 Pully diameter : 2cm, 3. Efficiency 80%.
With the above conditions, I would like to move the product at a speed of the belt length/5s using the timing belt. Please let me know which motors and dirvers I have to use.

Please let me know if it is possible for the stepper motor to work properly wiring the driver without the dedicated controller when controlling the operation of the stepper motor.
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